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Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar Systems

Commercial solar systems are one of the fastest-growing and most important sectors within the solar industry. In addition to addressing environmental and energy resource concerns, solar systems contribute to a sustainable business model and better building efficiency and lower energy consumption. Installing a commercial solar system is brilliant for any company with the roof space

How does Commercial Solar work?

The first step in getting your business to go green is to choose a type of solar panel. 

Commercial solar works by converting the sun’s energy into electricity. This electricity can be used directly or stored for later use.

Commercial solar power is a new trend gaining traction among businesses due to frequent load shedding in South Africa. Also especially those that are environmentally conscious and want to reduce their carbon footprint. Industrial or commercial solar installations is more viable for companies with large amounts of unused space on their property.

  • Energy efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Sustainability
  • Save the Environment

Proven Brands

Why Choose Commercial Solar System

  • Energy efficiency – Solar panels produce electricity when the sun is out and store it for later use when needed. This means that they can reduce your monthly utility bills and increase your profits.
  • Sustainability – By going green, you’ll be helping reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants that affect the environment. It’s also good for public relations and incentivises customers to shop at your store or restaurant!
  • Curb Disruptions –  Generate your power and manage your use, even when the grid goes down or off-site power is unavailable. With batteries, you can continue to operate without worrying about whether or not there will be enough power to keep your business up and running.

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